MAFLD Overview

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What is Metabolic dysfunction Associated Fatty Liver Disease?

Metabolic dysfunction Associated Fatty Liver Disease (MAFLD) is a condition where there is a buildup of fat in the liver. This fat can cause injury to the liver which can lead to cirrhosis, a severe condition where the liver is permanently scarred and damaged. Cirrhosis can lead to liver cancer or liver failure. MAFLD is often associated with other metabolic disorders, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol. It is important to address MAFLD early on to prevent further liver damage and complications. Treatment options may include lifestyle changes, medication, and in some cases, surgery.

About 25-30% of the global
population have MAFLD

Most people do not know they
have MAFLD

Stages of MAFLD


MAFLD usually causes no signs and symptoms. When it does, they may include


Pain or discomfort in the upper right abdomen


Possible signs and symptoms of  advanced scarring (cirrhosis) include

  • Abdominal swelling (ascites)

  • Yellowing of the skin and eyes (jaundice)

  • Enlarged spleen

  • Enlarged blood vessels just beneath the skin's surface

  • Red palms

People who are at risk

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