Collaboration between MAIDEN and patient organisations to combat MAFLD together

Our collaborations
At MAIDEN, we are promoting partnerships with patient organisations involved in liver diseases and MAFLD. Our joint aims will include:

Enhancing the empowerment of patients

Taking into consideration the patient experience

Promoting awareness of MAFLD and how it can be prevented

A better understanding of patients' beliefs and preferences and what they need from healthcare professionals

Capturing patients' perspectives of their disease and treatment, their perceived need for health care, andtheir views on quality of life

Establishing new synergies
MAIDEN is building new avenues to engage with patient organisations, aiming to:

Foster trust and collaboration

Share best practices

Promote coordination in conveying trustworthy and relevant messages

Member organisations
MAIDEN is pleased to announce collaborations with these organisations:
Association of Liver Patients’ Care (ALPC)
Calling for patient associations to partner with MAIDEN
We are keen to collaborate and join forces with patients organisations that are based in the Asia Pacific region as well as those from around the world and representing people affected by issues related to fatty liver.

Please contact MAIDEN’s Advocacy, Policy and Public Health Coordinator, Prof. Gamal Shiha , to find out how we can partner with you.

Potential benefits to patient organisations

Participating in the Patient Forum at APASL Congress and other MAIDEN events

Free registration for some APASL and MAIDEN events

Relationships with leading Asian Pacific hepatology associations

Requesting MAIDEN endorsement

Sharing relevant resources via the MAIDEN website and social media platforms