MAFLD is the way going forward

July 3 , 2023

Dear Colleagues and Friends,


Tremendous progress has been made in redefining fatty liver disease since the introduction of our landmark proposal in 2020 on MAFLD (Metabolic dysfunction associated fatty liver disease). The MAFLD definition has subsequently been widely adopted due to a multitude of reasons including positivity, simplicity, improved prognostication, aiding in increasing disease awareness, decreasing real stigma, and being an affirmative name and diagnosis that is translatable to all languages.



APASL and MAIDEN have been leading discussions (that includes extensive involvement of patient groups) in global efforts to take the field forward. At its core, MAIDEN and the MAFLD term have advanced simply because of two underlying principles that we adhere to: a commitment to an evidence-based approach, and adopting a partnership model with authority referred back to the entire academic and stakeholder community


MAIDEN as a leading global organization reflects in its charter and its operations, the principles of diversity, inclusion, and partnership. We are thankful for the participation of the academic community in our endeavours, which is actually their endeavours. In just a few short weeks, we have had >50 partner societies and patient groups join the effort.


MAIDEN will always strive to serve the field with educational, research, and health care activities on MAFLD. These will be regularly announced via our website and media platforms. It includes a series of MAIDEN regional webinars, and collaborations with partner societies to integrate the unique perspectives and challenges of tackling MAFLD in various regions. A supplement on MAFLD will be published in our journal Hepatology International early next year and the APASL STC on MAFLD is scheduled for 2024.